Our patent pending Beltfree technology is a pelvic instability support that is designed for pregnant women suffering with pelvic girdle pain.

The support is built into a seamless garment made of compression fabric. This means, by wearing our comfortable leggings and shorts, no additional pelvic support is required.

The maternity support wear lifts and supports the weight of the baby, to reduce pressure in the pelvic area, and offer an added maternity support. 

It does the job of a medical support band to help with pregnancy related lower back and pelvic pain.

It is the only product that has the support built into a pair of your favourite super soft, stretchy, and long lasting leggings or shorts. 


Do you know why our maternity leggings and shorts work?

No separate bands that move around

One pair of leggings to see you through a whole pregnancy and afterwards

Comfortable support day and night

Instant relief from back and pelvic pain

Increased energy and better mobility

More comfortable sleep



1. The pelvic support encircles the pubis, lower pelvis, hips and buttocks.

2. The maternity support goes under the bump.

3. The back support encircles the torso.

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"I can walk with confidence and have a new sense of pride about my bump. I feel like I have more energy and realise it must having been taking more effort than I recognised to try to just move around."

Lucie - Instagram

"Not just saying it, but I'm also sure that my movement is better when I wear these- I seem to get more tired when I don't have them on. I didn't consider that it might be down to the leggings but maybe that's it!????"

Fleurette - Instagram

"I received my leggings the other day and I’ve been wearing them over the weekend and wow! They’re fantastic, I genuinely feel like a new woman! They’re so supportive and definitely squat proof which is a bonus. Thankyou so so much, I will 100% be sharing your amazing product."

Saphire - Instagram

"I received my leggings on Tuesday and put them straight on. I’ve been suffering with terrible sciatica and some pelvic girdle pain at night. When I wear these leggings I feel so supported and I’ve already noticed a difference in how much I can put weight on my sciatic leg. My bump feels cradled too and they really help me stay on my feet more. Can’t wait to see what the long term effects are! Thank you Beltfree!"

Rachel - Instagram

"I’ve been able to walk the dogs today for the first time in two months thank you so much. The size is good they’re really comfy, was out for about an hour today last time I walked them only managed 15 minutes before I had to go back."

Sophie - Instagram

"My leggings arrived this afternoon and I've just popped them on. I managed to walk around the front room without a hobble! Thank you so much. Really looking forward to moving around more. My partner has commented that I've spent more time on my feet today than I have in weeks! They're up and resting now tho"

Karen - Instagram

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