Next day delivery available in the UK
Next day delivery available in the UK
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Are you pregnant? Do you have back or pelvic pain? We can help you...

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We have pregnant women wearing Beltfree technology by @MissJamesUK day and night!

We also have women who are not pregnant wearing the products. The video is our founder Emma wearing the shorts under a maxi dress providing relief of back pain.

We have asked every pregnant woman wearing Beltfree for feedback. We have sent out questionnaires and have kept in regular contact throughout their pregnancies until they’ve had their babies.

The feedback:

“They really do what they say”


“So comfy”

“Game changer”

“The main thing is the support it gives”

The Beltfree technology provides instant relief of back and pelvic pain for everyone not just pregnant women. We are the first retail pelvic instability support and back core support together in an all in one garment.

There is no need for ugly belts and supports during pregnancy anymore. No need to waste your time and money finding a belt or support that provides support under your bump.

We are pushing for clinical trials. We will be entering the medical market to support pregnant women and men and women with general back and pelvic pain. Not to mention we have our eye on the sportswear market too.

There is a need for these products on the retail, medical and sportswear market.

Every pregnant woman we know loves a pair of leggings. Maybe you do too? If so you will definitely love our shorts to help you get a full nights sleep!

Tag your bump #Beltfreebump and Follow @MissJames_UK on Instagram for the chance to win a pair of leggings or shorts.

Giveaway applies to U.K. mainland only.

Only certain sizes available.

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