When is the best time to buy these products? 

Anytime during your pregnancy if you need extra support or have back or pelvic pain but every pregnant woman would benefit from wearing these products during the third trimester ready for when the pelvis relaxes for childbirth.

Where can I buy these products from? 

These products do not exist anywhere else on the maternity market so they are currently only available on this website and on our amazon shop which will be live beginning of 2021. 

Do I need to add on a size on for pregnancy? 

No always order your pre-pregnancy size.

What if I'm in-between sizes?

If you think you may be a size in-between always go lower. The bigger you go the less support you will have in the Beltfree technology. 

I think I may be a size 20?

We have size 20 pregnant women wearing our largest size, 16-18. Our products are super soft and stretchy. If you do decide to buy the biggest size we stock and they are too small we will refund you. 

Will you be launching other sizes?

We are looking into creating bigger and petite sizes. This is taking some time as the products we have now have been created and developed on a new manufacturing process.