Our Story

Do you know why we started the Miss James business?

Our founder, Emma experienced back and pelvic pain from 16 weeks of her first pregnancy. She tried to find a product that could not only help her to manage her pain, but that looked good and she could wear throughout her pregnancy, day and night.

The only thing she could find were medical belts and elastic supports, none of which helped. They were also pretty horrible to look at.

So, she set to making her own! Emma wore the prototype that she'd created for the rest of her pregnancy, and then whilst she was carrying her second child.

The products that she created managed the condition from the very beginning, which meant that she could enjoy her pregnancy, and continue to care for her first child. The cherry on top was that she could also sleep well and pain free, and didn't have to strap on any ugly belts.

The Beltfree technology in the Miss James maternity support wear is changing the journeys of pregnant women. Our mums who have tried them out have felt empowered to enjoy their pregnancies without the pain of PGP. 

We think every woman suffering with this condition is entitled to that.

Take a look at our video: